Drain and Sewer Line Cleaning

All we do is drain and sewer line cleaning. This is our specialty and it shows in our service, our equipment, and our passion for customer satisfaction. Carolina Drain Pros provides drain and sewer pipe cleaning to residential and commercial locations in the Lake Norman and Charlotte, NC metro area.
For the homeowner who may need a drain and sewer line inspected and cleared, we are the focused professional to fix your problem correctly and completely. We have a remote camera service for inspection, water jetting, and power rodding tools and attachment for any clog, any time.
For the Lake Norman and Charlotte area local plumbers who don’t provide this service or don’t have the time, we are the perfect solution. Local residential plumbers can go to our Plumbers Referral Page for details on partnering with us for your drain and sewer cleaning needs.

Sewer Line Cleaning Blockages

Sewer Mains, Storm Drains, Roof Drains, Toilet Drains, Drain Cleaning Service, Floor Drains, Tree Roots, Toys, Diapers.
Contact us at (704) 327-3338  for immediate support or to provide an estimate on drain cleaning for your business. 24/7 service, licensed and insured, professional.

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